By accepting these terms and conditions, you authorize "Soft Solutions" to charge the credit card or debit the debit card account that you have specified in the payment page for the amount $ 18.95 each month. Please print and retain a copy of this recurring payment authorization for your records.

You can cancel your recurring payment authorization by any one of the following means

  1. Cancelling your recurring payment authorization via email sent to "Soft Solutions" at:
  2. Contacting our payment processor "PaySoft" on telephone at: (+1) 810-250-7340 (USA)
  3. Contacting on the phone number printed on your credit card statement
  4. Contacting "Soft Solutions" on telephone at: +91 - 9810554230

Please visit the contact page of "Soft Solutions" website for contact details:

You can also check your credit card statement for contact details which is printed next to the billed amount in your statement.